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Dr. John J. O'Connor is a veteran therapist whose expertise and caring manner have assisted many on their paths of recovery. "We Bet Our Lives" grows from concern at worrisome increases in gambling addictions among all sectors of our society. Dr. O'Connor is also alert to growing problems of addiction relapses in many problem areas of life and is a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (CRPS). Toward relapse prevention, he works closely with Terence T. Gorski, president of CENAPS Corporation, a national authority in this field. A Lasalle University graduate, he directs the Delaware Valley Addictions Center at The Starting Point in Westmont, New Jersey. He is a pioneer and leading facilitator in A COURSE IN MIRACLES.
To order a copy of "We Bet Our Lives" at $9.95 per copy, please contact:

Dr. John O'Connor
216 Haddon Avenue, Suite 608
Westmont, NJ 08108

(856) 854-3155 Ext. 111

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