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Sexual Addiction/Anorexia
Basics is an eight week support group for those who have serious concerns about their behaviors, but have little awareness of their powerlessness or what to do. This non-judgemental weekly group is intended to be a safe, structured place to start to talk about shameful behaviors and to prepare attendants for Beginnings.

Phase I: Beginnings Educational Series
"Beginnings" is a six week intensive course for sexual addicts, sexual anorexics and sexual codependents just starting recovery. It is both educational and experiential with a look at family of origin influences as well as behaviors that are self defeating. The goal is to stop dangerous, unwanted behaviors and prepare for long term group therapy. There is an introduction to 12 Step meetings and tools for replacing the addiction with healthier coping mechanisms. The purpose is to make "acting out" not an option so that personal growth is possible.

Phase II:
is an eight week therapy group for those who have completed Phase I or who have had previous treatment, but are not quite ready to make a long term commitment. Relapse prevention is emphasized.

Phase III: Long Term Sexual Addiction/Anorexic Groups
Sexual Addiction Groups are for people already in SLAA, who need extra help making lifestyle changes, preventing relapses and resolving childhood issues. Thirty days abstinence from all sexually addictive behaviors is required for entry and commitment is for at least a year. Many have already been through our Phase I and II course or have been to a rehabilitation program for sexual dependency prior to entry. For most, group becomes their first healthy family-like experience where their presence and input matters. Group is also a laboratory where feelings and communication skills are encouraged without judgement and where supportive feedback is offered. One goal is healthy sexuality in a committed relationship.

Sexual Codependence
These groups are for those involved with a sexual addict in the past or present.

Phase I: Beginnings
This is the same group as for Sexual Addicts and Anorexics. Couples are encouraged to come in together so that they can receive the same information. The goal is to help them understand they are dealing with a family illness that affects everyone.

Phase II:
This is an eight week focus group to help sexual codependents identify and stop behaviors (preoccupation with significant other) that contribute to dysfunction and trauma bonding in their relationships. The tools learned will also help them begin to take better care of themselves. 12 Steps (CODA, COSLAA and others) are required for continuing on to Phase III.

Phase III: Long Term Sexual Codependency Groups
Many features of this group are similar to those for Phase III Sexual Addicts. There is attention to problems of daily living, intimacy and trauma resolution from childhood. The difference is that codependents need to diminish the excessive sacrificing for others so they can find out who they are and what they need in order to thrive, not just survive.

Incest Group
The Incest Group is for those ready to deal with incest issues. This means that addictions, if any, have been arrested, as well as other destructive behaviors that have kept these painful memories at bay. This small group is for women survivors who need a safe place to explore their woundedness and to learn how to stop being victims by protesting effectively and developing stronger boundaries. Participation in 12 Step meetings (CODA, OA, ISA) is required.

Spirituality Group
The Spirituality Group is an 8-week course to help develop your spiritual development through meditation, prayer and transpersonal breath-work. The common denominator for all of these services, and our clients is childhood trauma.

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