C L I E N T S .

C.A.S. Music Productions, LLC – Co-redesigned, reconstructed & maintained Flash-based multimedia website with custom voice talent application & e-mail accounts in 2003, hosted since 2001.
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2012-03-09: ‘Perfect! Thanks for the thorough detail. Thanks and thanks!’

Jersey Panel Website Redesign – Co-redesigned, constructed Flash-based website in 2008.

T’ai Chi for Beginners/Seniors – Designed in 1997 & later redesigned in 2003 and 2009; hosted & maintained e-commerce site.

Print Art Kids – Maintained ASP-based website since 2011.
2011-08-09: “Thanks again for taking care of the updates and for adhering to the estimated costs. I’m very happy with the results.”
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Dao Pulblishing – Designed, constructed & hosted PHP-based with Flash content since 2009.

The Midiri Brothers Orchestra – Co-designed constructed, hosted & maintained PHP-based website client, since 2001.
2013-11-01: “Thanks for all the great work!”

Faunus Group International – Redesigned, constructed Flash-based website in 2003.

Sarah Johnson Music
 – Designed, constructed PHP-based website in 2002, redesigned in 2003 and 2006.

George N. Nista – Redesigned, constructed PHP-based website in 2006.

Kids’ Musical Adventures – Reconstructed new PHP-based website design in 2007.

New Era Enterprises, Inc. – Constructed, hosted & maintained PDF-based website with e-mail accounts since 2001.
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Tai Chi For Everyone – Designed, constructed, maintained & hosted website since 2009.

TypesCast.com – Designed, constructed, maintained website since 2002.

SurgiCap – Constructed PHP-based website in 2005.

Citrix Access Platform – Constructed interactive Flash presentation in 2005.

RJ Spectroscopy Co. – Constructed, hosted & maintained PDF-based website with e-mail accounts since 2013.
2013-11-19: “The home page looks great… get some nice comments. Thanks again.”

MedAssurance – Designed & constructed website with animated intro in 2002.

The Light Omelette – Constructed and mainatined portfolio website in 2000.

National Qigong Association – Designed & animated Flash logo animation in 2001.

Prisoners Among Us – Updated & maintained website since 2004.
“I hear you have also been working with my associate….He is very pleased with your input and work. Big surpise!!!”

MarbleCrafters Real-Time 3D Demo – Developed Real-Time 3D Web Scene prototype in 2003 (*Shockwave Plug-In Required)

C.A.S. Music Productions Multimedia Sampler – Designed & built multimedia enhanced CD for client in 2001.

Our Lady of Lourdes – Redesigned & maintained (weekly content updates) website from 2008-2013.
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2010-07-08: “OMG! It looks GREAT!!!! Thanks again for all your help – everything looks so wonderful!”

Qigong China Trip – Management of PhpList Newsletter Mailings
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Infinitas Funding Group, Inc. – Redesigned, constructed PHP-based website in 2008.

Landis Theater – Designed, hosted, constructed PHP-based website in 2007.

CumberlandMedicalAssociates.com – Originally designed, constructed & maintained website with custom prescription application & e-mail accounts since 2001.

Spartec-Homes.com – Designed, constructed & maintained website in 2003.

MLS2Agent.com – Designed & constructed PHP-based site template with interactive Flash map (later replaced with imgmap) in 2009.

Dr. Thomas E. Legere, Ph.D CAS – Designed, constructed, hosted & maintained website since 2000.
2014-03-25: “Excellent job! Thank you for your patience.”

Dr. John J. O’Connor – Designed, constructed & maintained website since 2001.

ARC of Cumberland – Designed, constructed, honest & maintained website since 2000.

Homelink Modular Building Systems – Designed, built & maintained experimental 3D/2D hybrid website in 2000.

FoundryServiceCorp.com – Designed, constructed & hosted website since 2001.

Abraham A. Low Institute – Constructed website in 1999.TRINITY 3D Web Scene Demo – Developed experimental 3D Web Scene prototype in 2000.

VinelandWeb.com – Developed experimental 3D Web Scene prototype in 2000.